Looking for a quick explanation of the VA Loan? What is it? Who is it for? Here it is:


The VA helps Service members, Veterans, and eligible surviving spouses become homeowners. They will provide a home loan guaranty benefit and other housing-related programs to help you buy, build, repair, or adapt a home for your own personal occupancy. They can also provide assistance to help you maintain a home purchased with a VA loan should you find yourself in a financial crisis. 

VA Home Loans are not provided from tax dollars, but by private lenders--usually banks and mortgage companies. The VA then guarantees a portion of the loan, which allows the lender to provide you with more favorable terms. The VA-provided guaranty helps protect those private lenders from loss if the borrower fails to repay.


A VA loan can be used to :

  • Buy or build a home that meets VA loan requirements
  • Buy a single residential condominium unit
  • Refinance an existing home loan (for example, from a traditional loan to a VA loan)
  • Repair, alter, or improve a Veteran's existing residence which they occupy, including making it accessible for Veteran's with disabilities.
  • Buy a manufactured home and/or lot attached to a permanent foundation
  • Install energy-efficient improvements, such as a solar heating and cooling system.

A VA loan can be taken out in the whole amount one qualifies for, or in portion.

There is more to a VA loan, and you can find out more if you continue to search our blog posts--or give us a call and let us see what we can do to help. If you're a Service member, a Veteran, or a surviving spouse, this program is in place to help you. Let it help!