Maximum VA Loan Amount

Find out what the Maximum VA loan limits are in your county, and how to Purchase or Refinance your home into a VA loan that is OVER the county loan limits.  

Many Soldiers and Veterans don't realize that you CAN use your VA eligibility to purchase a home or refinance your exsisting home, where the purchase price is over the VA county loan limit

What We Offer:

  • VA Loan amounts up to $3,000,000

  • Low Interest Rates and special VA Jumbo Pricing

  • Zero down to Low down payment requirements -depending on the 2017 VA County Loan Limits

  • Financing with Credit Scores as low as 600

  • NO Mortgage insurance Required

  • Close your loan in under 30 Days!

How to calculate VA High Balance Down Payment requirements:

To figure out how much of a VA loan you qualify for, the VA publishes a list of county loan limits every year.

2017 VA County Loan Limits  

If the Purchase price of your home is under the VA county loan limit, ZERO down payment is required.

Is it possible to go over the VA County Loan Limit?

YES, it is possible to go over the county limit, BUT there will be a down payment requirement.

You will be required to put down 25 cents for every dollar over the VA Loan Limit.

Say you want to buy a home for  $650,000 but the VA Loan limit for the county where your home is located is $425,000. That is $225,000 over your county limit. Your down payment would only be 25% of the difference between the two or $225000*.25= $56,250. In this example, that is only 8.6% down. Way less than you will find with any other loan products out there. 

Call us today and a VA Mortgage expert can calculate this for you and get you PRE-APPROVED in minutes! 

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